Past Events


2019-03-07 13.39.07On March 7 and 8, 2019, GALACSI welcomed Dr. Minkah Makalani, Director for the John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies and Associate Professor in the Department African & African American Studies at the University of Texas, Austin, to GSU and Emory to talk about his new book project on black radical thought, postcolonial politics, and the relations between black politics and black culture across the Atlantic. He presented a portion of this research at a public lecture, “‘Our Origins are with the Maroons’: C. L. R. James on Artistry and Fugitive Freedom in the Caribbean Postcolony.” While in Atlanta, Dr. Makalani met with undergraduate students at a luncheon hosted by the GSU Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni  to discuss their research programs and to offer advice on applying for graduate school.

2019-03-08 14.28.08


On January 18 and 19, 2018, GALACSI welcomed Dr. Natasha Lightfoot to UGA and GSU to talk about her amazing book Troubling Freedom: Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipation (Duke, 2015). Dr. Lightfoot delivered two engaging book talks that addressed the key themes of the book as well as the research and writing process. The lectures led to thoughtful questions and conversations with graduate students and faculty on each campus. GALACSI faculty also had the opportunity to read and workshop a chapter from Dr. Lightfoot’s new book project, “‘So Far to Leeward’: The Circuitous Paths of Eliza Moore’s Freedom Journey.”


On November 11, 2016 GALACSI welcomed Dr. Matt Childes from the University of South Carolina to talk about his book-in-progress. Dr. Childs delivered the GSU Department of History’s annual World Lecture Series talk: “Who Was Havana’s Sister City in the Atlantic World?: Seville’s Imperial Legitimacy of Limpieza de Sangre; Or, Ouidah and Luanda’s Cultural and Social Kin Relations.”